Welcome to the ANTH 406 class blog

Welcome to our class blog. We are a collective of cultural anthropology honours students at Victoria University of Wellington exploring the genre of ethnography. Across 2019, we will read a wide range of ethnographies and experiment with our own ethnographic and public writing. Some of the core questions we seek to explore in this course are:

  • What are the ethical and political issues involved with representing people’s lives through the genre of ethnography?
  • What aesthetic, literary and narrative conventions have developed within ethnographic writing, and what are the ethical consequences of these approaches?
  • How do different ethnographic styles shore up or challenge the authority of the author?
  • What experimental possibilities exist for ethnography in this moment?
  • What possibilities exist for collaboration, sharing and engagement within ethnographic writing projects?
  • For each of us, what direction would we like to see ethnography move in?

We aim to write accessibly for a broad public audience. We hope you find our reflections, observations and critiques an interesting addition to conversations about ethnography.

– Sophie, Daniel, Char, Puna, Willow, Nei, Emily, Sadie, Stella, Anya and Catherine

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