Responding the the Christchurch Mosque Attacks

In class today we reflected on the horrific white supremacy terror attack on Muslims in Christchurch last Friday. This is a deeply sad and tragic event.

Some class members are from Christchurch. Others know people who have lost friends in the attacks. Some were reminded of the racism they or their family have experienced living in New Zealand.

We all felt a need to respond in some way to show solidarity with the Muslim community in Aotearoa, and to address the racism that underpins this tragic event.

Today we decided to produce a public syllabus, in collaboration with ANTH 312, an undergraduate class that also examines ethnography, taught by Tarapuhi Vaeau.

A public syllabus is an open access curated list of texts and resources that aims to deepen public understanding of an issue and encourage positive social change. A few good examples are the #blacklivesmatter syllabus and the #metooanth syllabus. A good public syllabus values diverse forms of knowledge and reflection, not just academic ones, and may include blog post, twitter threads and facebook posts.

Once we started to build our syllabus, others in the School of Social and Cultural Studies wanted to support this. We thank Dylan Taylor and Jonathan Oosterman in sociology for adding some excellent sources to our list. Over the coming weeks we hope students from a range of courses in our school can also contribute. Please email to contribute. We ask you to send through a link to the source along with a line describing its content.

You can find our syllabus here. Please take a look now, and also check on it over the coming week to see how it has grown.